Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco Garri Garripoli 3-22-15

submitted by: admin on 03/26/2018

Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco Garri Garripoli 3-22-15

Audio: 17 minutes, 15 secs. Recorded on Kaua'i in the Kahuna Valley Octagon Classroom during a Sunday Qigong class.

The theme of this meditation is...  “Wuji - Where Intention Meets the Physical":       
In this meditation, you will receive insights on:
·        Committing to your breath.
·        How breath can reconnect you to the truth of your nature.
·        How you are actually designed to forget your infinite nature.
·        Welcoming abundance in your life as a perspective of self.
·        What is Wuji?
·        Trusting in the natural and essence of abundance in your Dreaming Awake.
and more..

Wuji - The Power of Intention… Where does universal Qi and Prana energy meet this physical plane? …and how can we access this for our healing on a body, mind, and spirit level? Go with Francesco on this guided meditation to learn how to use your breath and intention to reconnect to the truth of your essential nature. How are we “programmed” to forget who we truly are? Use the energy of Wuji from the ancient Taoist Qigong principles to access personal abundance in your Dreaming. Explore these concepts of "Dreaming Awake" developed by Francesco Garri Garripoli for your mind/body/spirit health.  Learn more at


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