Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco Garri Garripoli-2-2-13

submitted by: admin on 01/07/2018

Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco Garri Garripoli - 2-2-13

Audio: 17minutes, : 34 secs.  Recorded on Kaua'i in the Kahuna Valley Octagon Classroom during a Saturday Qigong Class
The theme of this meditation is "Becoming the director of your "movie" in this Dreaming Awake."  In this meditation, you will have a chance to receive insights on:
  • How to awaken and move Qi throughout your body.
  • How Qi dances in the open space between the atoms.
  • How to change your movie and be a conduit for infinite awareness.
  • What is the miracle of being alive, and how we release and bring in new atoms.
  • Becoming the director that you were born to be.
  • How you remain Awake by simply being a Dreamer.
  • Using gratitude and conscious intention to define and influence our Dreaming.

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