Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco Garri Garripoli 2-1-15

submitted by: admin on 03/27/2018

Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco Garri Garripoli 2-1-15

Audio: 23 minutes, 59 secs. Recorded on Kaua'i in the Kahuna Valley Octagon Classroom during a Sunday Qigong class.

The theme of this meditation is...  “Mindful, conscious breathing to feed your Brain and Nervous System":
        #6 in the "Zhang Fu Gong" Organ Cleansing & Strengthening Series - The Brain and Nervous System”
In this meditation, you will receive insights on:

·        Using your breath to extend your image of who you are out into your Wei Qi energy field.
·        How your Brain and Nervous system work as a dynamic reflection of the other Organ Systems.
·        Understanding Chaos Theory, and recalibrating the chaotic flux of your life.
·        How your Nervous System is the place to subtly shift energy through your intention.
·        What the "butterfly effect" is and remembering your role in shifting the intention.
·        Being mindful in the unfolding of chaos, rather than giving your power away.
·        How to understand Chaos Theory from an energy healing viewpoint.

and more..

Organ Cleansing – Brain & Nervous System… Qigong instructor Francesco Garripoli leads you through a guided meditation on the “Zang Fu Gong” Organ Cleansing and Strengthening Qigong principles.  This installment of the series on this powerful system for self-healing and energy building focuses on how to energetically cleanse and strengthen your brain and nervous system. Explore Chaos Theory and techniques for recalibrating and stabilizing the chaotic flux in your life. How does the “Butterfly Effect” help you understand the role of intention in empowering your life path.  Francesco guides you through this energetic healing system based on traditional Chinese Taoist Medicine to help you radiate rejuvenating, healing Qi energy throughout your body, mind, and spirit.  Learn more at

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