A Conduit or Container?

submitted by: admin on 01/10/2015

Conduit vs Container

I believe that the underlying concepts and belief systems that we hold about life affect everything from the way a technique works to the actual physics involved in any action. The things we do in life do not stand alone.  There are no fixed rules that allow something to simply "happen" in an independent way.  How and what we feel, think, and believe about something totally affects the outcome.
That said, I see that many people hold a certain belief that can curtail their development and self healing as it relates to Qigong. This belief system revolves around how we "see" ourselves... Whether it was taught to you by a teacher or whether you simply found yourself accepting it, you hold the belief that "you" (energetically and physically) are either a "Container" or a "Conduit."
This may sound funny, but answer the following four questions and see what you discover about yourself... and please just answer with the first response that comes to your mind:
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