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Acceptance, what a trip! The core of so much of our angst... accepting new things can be tough for us. 

...we get so used to the way things have been... and get a false sense of security for this seeming stability. The Tao Te Ching talks of everything being in a state of constant change. Even things that seem solid are not what they appear to be. Things that appear empty are far from it. Accepting this ever-changing nature in the universe helps us to reduce one of the major sources of stress in life... coping with change.

Studying with Master Duan Zhi Liang, the 95 year-old Qigong Master, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and martial arts expert from Beijing, China, is a great lesson in this. When you are in his presence, the atmosphere is somewhat rarified anyway; maybe it's his childlike curiosity, or maybe it's his intense focus and clarity. You know you are going to be on an adventure when you are with him. Anyone who has spent any time around a Qigong Master knows that they have a certain ability to generate lots of activity around them. Change seems to be, well, ever present. Heraclitus, the 5th Century B.C. Greek historian, once said, "The only constant, is change." He must have be studying Qigong. Master Duan, who was featured on our PBS Qigong documentary, has cultivated an open and accepting space through his Qigong practice and this keeps him fluid, both mentally and physically. For him, this receptive state allows him to be incredibly perceptive and spontaneously responsive. Isn't this what "being in the moment" is all about?

Qigong is all about bringing us back to the "moment." Our regular practice--whether it's an hour every morning or 15 minutes every few days--that time is sacred. It's not the amount of time you put into your practice of conscious breathing and slow moving exercises, it's the intention. I believe that it only takes an instant to connect... to remember your true essence... to return to that receptive state of acceptance. This moment of openness is when healing takes place. It's the place where you have suspended the inner fighting, the questioning, the fear, the clinging... embracing this "Qi Space" for just a moment gives you a glimpse of the Master game... reminds you of the potential of your life...


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