A gift of life

submitted by: admin on 05/20/2019

Life has a most curious way of guiding us to the "healing" we require... which from my experience exists on so many levels...

I just received an amazing email from an 80-year-old physician who just learned about our Qigong a few weeks ago. At that time he was in a worsening state of health and mobility that just seemed to be getting worse - and was "natural" at his age. He thought Qigong was "silly" he said but was in such a condition that he felt he should give it a try. In two weeks so many things started to change for him - from improved balance to mental clarity to pain reduction (especially with his neuropathy.) This is what I wrote him:

I feel you have been "blessed" with many opportunities to open to your healing over these years... and throughout, even though many times you were tested to your limit, you have remained open... and now deep healing is taking place. Of course it would happen with Qigong and energy work like this... not because of the specific "techniques" in the practice, but more because of their nature - they empower us because they allow us to see our selves as we are. We are not mechanical bodies, but energetic, conscious beings that have massive influence over the worlds we experience. You are seeing this now after even a short time of taking charge and redefining (remembering) who you are. Yes, an athlete... yes, an active participant in life... yes, a healer.

80 is such a great time to live life... I have so many friends in their 80s... Many of the Masters that I studied with in China over the years I lived there were in their 80s and 90s even... Everything is possible when we redefine who we are and remember that we can influence the energetic component of our reality... which may be all of reality anyway... From that, the physical follows as any image in a mirror does. This life may be more like a "dream" after all... and as such, we have infinite opportunities to shift and transform and wake up to our true potential. It feels like you are embracing life and "waking up." I am so happy for this.

(Thank you for sharing in this... may we continue to inspire those around us in all we do!)


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