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submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Dive into the Pain... Make LOVE with it...   Pain is the space where WE can open us up... Pain is a signpost where the shadow is hiding...   SHINE the LIGHT Transform the PAIN...   Nothing can harm us... We are the Center of the SUN... We are the Radiant Light...   With Courage we...

Paraplegics and Amputees - Qigong Support

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
My suggestion whether you are an amputees or paraplegic - or are working with those who are challenged in that way is to do what you can with the various Qigong self-healing forms in the most comfortable positions you can be in.  That means if the person can only sit or lie down, so be it.  If they can only lift their arms half the way the form suggests,...


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  going out going in it is all same things diving into the passion... going in or going out 'passion' is the fire feeds our heart... it is all unique ways to explore infinite dreaming... going in or going out through the heart same one electromagnetic vibration... the vibration of love...

PBS TV Station Listing for Airing Qigong Ancient Chinese Healing Documentary

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
PBS Station Airing Status And Contacts Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing For The 21st Century Narrated by James Shigeta and directed by Francesco Garri Garripoli Produced by Wuji Productions. Distributed by (APT) American Public Television Sponsor PBS Station: WLRN Thank to every who participated in our grassroots campaign to contact PBS television...

Peaceable Dragon Taijiquan Manual Introduction

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
The attachment is an introduction to the 2008 edition manual of the Peaceable Dragon Taijiquan Variation.  It provides some background of the form and a listing of the movements.

Point of View 視点

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
視点なんだよ 見方をかえるだけで すべての夢が変わる   君と愛を交わしていて 感じたんだよ   僕が神で 君が女神   神である僕は 女神である君が 自由に 開放的に 素直に 君の愛を 無限の表現方法で 表現し 分かち合うことを 愛おしく想いながら 見つめているんだ   なぜなら 君という光を通して 愛が愛を表現している それが 君の選択と行動だからさ   つまり 愛が愛を愛しているんだよ 調和と 総合性と 一体感の光の中で   だからさ 君の愛が消えるとか 減るとか 君の愛を誰かに捧げているとか そういう意識じゃ ないんだよ   愛が愛を愛している そのことは 僕自身の光の存在の中で 愛が渦巻いていること   君を愛しているから 僕の愛を君に捧げる そんな想いが浮かび上がったら  想いだそうよ ありがとうの言葉と一緒に   愛が愛を愛すること それには 犠牲は ないことを   すべての存在が僕で その僕の中を 愛が渦巻いている   愛が渦巻くことで 輝いて 深まってゆく   君と愛を交わしているときも 僕の愛を君に捧げているのではなくて 僕が君を愛している  そのエネルギーを 僕が君に表現することは 君に表現している愛を そのまま僕に返していることなんだ 愛を表現することで 表現した愛がそのまま まるごと 僕に帰ってくる   それが愛のダンスなんだ それが愛のミュージックなんだ   僕は愛 君は愛 僕も君も愛 すべてが愛 すべてが僕の分身   僕は愛を経験することを選択して この夢を生きているんだ 愛が解放され 愛が深る それを選択して 僕はこの夢を描いているんだ  

Pressure and Stress

submitted by: admin on 07/22/2016
Ah, how life has a way of testing us, of pushing us to do the "work"; the work it takes to stay balanced and sane. When the pressure is on, when it seems like there is simply way too much to accomplish in the little time we have, we actually are in the best place to grow. There's that part of us that thinks, "As soon as all this is...

Prince of the Aina

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Nanamua... Prince of the Aina   He watches and observes...   His loyality is for the aina... His loyality is for the dreaming energy filed itself...   His loyality is not for his caretaker... When she is not in his presence, she does not exist in his dreaming...   He is free... He is totally...

Privacy Policy

submitted by: admin on 01/21/2018
Privacy and Security Policy   Please Note:  The information on this website and in our apps is solely for educational purposes and should not be substituted for medical, healthcare, or lifestyle advice. Any and all health care/lifestyle concerns, decisions, and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a health care professional...

Program Set-up Procedure for Program Administrators

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
This is a list of procedural steps that need to be taken and managed to keep a Program running.