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Martial Arts, Qigong, and Shen 神 (Spiritual) Cultivation

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

Master Duan Zhi Liang 1909 - 2016

submitted by: admin on 08/03/2018
Master Duan Zhi Liang - 1909 - 2016 Although my heart is a bit heavy, I send you my warm wishes from here in Roma, Italy where I am visiting family and preparing to teach a series of Qigong Workshops in Umbria and Tuscany before heading to Poland, Spain, China, Thailand, Bhutan, and the U.S. I hope to see you during this tour… The other day I...

Medical "Push Hands"

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  By Ann and Gary Fry First, it should be noted that this article is a very brief synopsis of a rather lengthy doctoral thesis. We have trimmed it to "the bare bones" to give you something to think about and some simple exercises to aid healing. Push Hands...the term tends to evoke images of people, trying to shove each other off balance....

Meditation in Motion

submitted by: admin on 11/20/2018
Welcome to the Meditation in Motion app community! Whether you've downloaded our free, boutique Meditation in Motion app for the iPhone or an Android phone - or are just joining here at - Ambikha and Francesco invite you to be part of a growing, global community of meditators who know you can change your world, one meditation at a time...   The...

Meditation in Motion App Tech & Content Support

submitted by: admin on 08/20/2018
Tech Support FAQs for the Meditation in Motion App Thank you for downloading our "MinM" app as we affectionately call it... You can find our app in Apple's App Store if you have an iPhone... or at Google Play if you have an Android device... it's best to make that search directly from your phone...   Here are some FAQ...

Moment of Magic

submitted by: admin on 05/12/2019
  A stepping in to a moment of magic...where space and time desolve into the Dreaming field... Even Mind/Ego/fear belief has no crue why I am here... A cafe...where the Dreaming reveals her truth...   We are energy... Everything is energy...   When allowing my energy filed to blend in this Cafe energy field...without...

Morning Felonies

submitted by: CurtisM on 10/09/2016
    Morning Felonies   Patrick was outside lifting the window murmuring imagery climbing in while i stirred my tea reading “Our Lady of the Flowers”. morning warmed the dark. The bed was right under the window so he had to tumble across his girlfriend who’d spent the night and was still mostly asleep cursing...

Morrison NUNS

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
Patrick calls about 6, which is right after dinner at Wayside Correctional where the high desert meets the Sierras. he’s finishing up a 6 month stretch for burglary. Patrick is a junkie and a thief, but he only robs his friends, many of whom are wealthy and live in Hollywood and points west. They’re cutting him loose at dawn, the usual time, at New...

Music by Francesco for Brainwave Entrainment

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
Music by Francesco for Brainwave Entrainment 

My First Blog Post – Welcome!

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
Greetings! …and welcome to my first blog post here at Blog-i-poli! I’m so grateful to my friend and tech wiz Kirk VandenBerghe ( for his help to make this possible… If you’re a person like me who has way too many things going, you need to be really efficient lest the whole enchilada comes crashing down on you. I’m...