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Daoism and the Origins of Qigong

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

Daoism in America

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

Daoist Sex Magic

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Ever felt deceivd by anyone else?  Do you believe you have experienced substantial deception by loved ones in your life?  Really try to break this down to be able to see it.  Take this information slowly.  Think of an experience where someone has deceived you, lied to you, led you on..if you believe you have...


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Three year academic and clinical program. We offer classes in Oriental medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese herbology. Master’s degree is accredited. Financial aid and China internships are available. Preparatory to national certification and state licensing examinations. (503) 253-3443 for information,...

Do you know?

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Do you know? Inside of me is crying...   Do you know that?   The picture cannot align to this illusional reality... The spirit cannot fit in this dreaming...   Do you know? In silence, I bit my lips and cry inside...   You are too far away to even sense how I feel inside... It is not...

Dreaming and Brainwaves

submitted by: admin on 12/19/2014
"The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~Albert Einstein~ Understanding the difference levels of brainwaves and how they influence our dreaming/life may support you greatly... Making change in dreaming/life seems almost impossible for most of us. However, once you are...

Dreaming Awake Dashboard Landing Page

submitted by: admin on 06/18/2016
Welcome to Dreaming Awake... ...a collection of Guided Meditations and concepts presented in the upcoming book by Francesco Garri Garripoli. One or more new audio recordings are added each month, so your paid subscription will provide you with at least a dozen new and empowering meditations each year recorded of Francesco sharing the core concepts of Dreaming...

Dreaming awake in Dharamsala, India…

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Greetings from Dharamsala, India! It�s 10 pm at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains, a majestic snow capped peak of the Dola Dar range looms over this still warm valley teeming with evening life� several families and laughing friends enjoying alfresco dinner in the open-air restaurant, shops lit by single fluorescent bulbs still attracting...


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019