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Cafe Arts

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
How often do you see artists sit quietly at the Cafe? As if nobody is around them...they become an icon...melting into the cafe atmosphere...sometime with a pen...sometime with a sketchbook...quietly expressing their love of the moment... Human are amazing...we received a gift to express our creativity...put our imagination down to this curious 3D...through...

Can I Practice Qigong After Back Surgery?

submitted by: admin on 12/19/2014
As far as Qigong practice after back surgery goes, the operative word is “gentle.” Be gentle with your moves, ease slowly into bringing your muscles and tendons back to where they were before the operation. The body can go into a protective mode after such trauma, and this, combined with the natural tightening of muscles and tendons after minimal...

Can Qigong Replace Standard Exercise?

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
What's A Good Workout? Yes, we believe (and studies support us in this) that a well-rounded Qigong workout is more beneficial than weight training and aerobics. The gentle cardiovascular and stretching exercises can do more for you to build your body than high-exertion workouts. The concept is that through slow movement combined with conscious,...

Causality, Whaaat

submitted by: CurtisM on 09/06/2016
  Causality, Whaaat   Quantum thermodynamics disavows us of the notion we live in an orderly world.  We can convince ourselves that events and processes are somewhat predictable on a human daily life scale, but when our perception expands to a galactic or focuses on the subatomic, the world is fundamentally mysterious.    Photons...

Chameleon Reorganizes its Nanocrystals to Change Colors

submitted by: admin on 04/08/2015
  These are male panther chameleons (Furcifer pardalis) photographed in Madagascar. Credit: Copyright Michel Milinkovitch   Many chameleons have the remarkable ability to exhibit complex and rapid color changes during social interactions. A collaboration of scientists within the Sections of Biology and Physics of the Faculty...

Change and Transition

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Change and transition are probably the most difficult aspects of our lives to accept. It is common knowledge that the top three sources of stress are 1) Death of a family member; 2) Divorce; and 3) Employment termination. Each of these is steeped in the challenge of change, bringing with them various levels of tension, sadness and frustration. Change...


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Everything we do affects the world around us. Whether is it our direct action or our intention, Qi is shifted in the dynamic energy matrix that is in constant flux within and without us. Conversely, everything around us contributes to shift the balance of energy within our physical, mental and emotional/spiritual bodies. Through the course...

Chapter from Solala's young adult novel, Dragon Boy

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

Chi Nei Tsang and Emotional Healing During Menopause

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

China Qigong Study Trip 2018 with Francesco, Ambikha, and Master Wan Sujian

submitted by: admin on 01/19/2018
China Qigong Healing & Study Trip Itinerary 2018 with Francesco Garri Garripoli, Ambikha Devi, and Qigong Master Wan Sujian             Beijing – 5 - 12 March 2018 This awesome Study & Healing Trip itinerary has evolved from the first group trip Francesco led to China in the mid-1990’s.  The...

Chinese Medicine in Crisis: Science, Politics, and the Making of TCM

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019 can be anything you choose to be   this is your dreaming...   you are the dreamer, dreaming your infinite dreaming...   if you choose to meditate, do so...   if you choose to do yoga or qigong, do so...   anything brings you smile and make your heart happy...choose so...   if...

Coaches in the Peaceable Dragon Community

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
This is the current list of Coaches in the Peaceable Dragon Community.  We add new Coaches from time to time, so please check back regularly... Listed alphabetically: Paul Richard, Founder and Instructor Peaceable Dragon Paul has been following the flow of Qi for nearly thirty years, learning from generous and talented master instructors on...

CoAwake DreamAwake ドリームアウェイク

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
    ドリームアウェイク ガイダンス   エネルギーのパターン 波動の癖から解放されて、いかに未知の波動を経験するか、それにより夢模様がかわってくる。 あたらしい波動に移行しても、すぐに古いパターンに引き戻されてしまうのは、マインドと感情があるからだ。 だから同じ夢が繰り返される。 マインドと感情からの解放が、無限の夢を体験するためのパスポート。 マインドと感情からの解放が起きると、夢物語に登場する人物も変わる。だから夢も変わってくる。   古いパターン手放すこと。 許すこと。 癒すこと。 意見や、非難/批判、固定観念を捨てること。 そうすることで、夢模様がどうシフトするか、見つめてご覧よ。   この一息が贈物。 この一息が奇跡。    

CoAwake Guide 目醒めの扉を開く鍵

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  目醒めの扉を開く鍵   僕たちはエネルギー 内側のエネルギー それが外側の夢として現れる   そうこの3次元のライフは 夢物語 無限の可能性を秘める 愛おしい遊び場   僕たちが 目醒め 輝く  そうすることが ひとつの意識に貢献すること   常に変化するエネルギー 常に変化するこの夢物語 これらのツールを活用して 君のエネルギー調整をしてごらん     ドリームアウェイク...

CoAwake 目醒め 

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
      ひとつの光 ひとつの愛 ひとつの夢 あなたの目覚めは わたしの目覚め コミュニティーがひとつになり その絆が より大きな光として 輝くことができますように   〜カウアイをベースに あなたをサポートをすること それが CoAwake.comの願いです〜   フラワーエッセンス・クリスタルボウル・アンダラクリスタル ドリームアウェイク...

Coffee is the ART!

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
Coffee is the ART! Don't you agree? What do you see?   Would you like to capture our magical Baristas mystical creations and share with the Community? Our Coffee Host is gathering your favorite shots...stories...poems...songs...anything that you get inspired and would like to share with us...please get Blogging...send us messages...♬   Let's...

Community Building Guide Map

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
Let's bring community together!   The Common Ground Kauai’s vision is to bring people together... Gathering in ONE dream, in ONE heart, this is a fundamental to the health of the community... As weaving this dreaming as ONE, this will strengthen the community at large.  We want to see who stands up for what they believe in and...

Conduit Or Container

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
Conduit or Container To see yourself as a Container is to live in a world of limits and scarcity. To see yourself as a Conduit is to live in a world of abundance.   by Francesco Garri Garripoli   I believe that the underlying concepts and belief systems that we hold about life affect everything from the way a technique...

Cool Coffee Commune

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
How curious to watch myself......almost every day......almost same time...How curious is it?I find myself coming to the Small Town Coffee...and ordering my favorite if without it, something is missing in my day...How many of you get the same feeling?Is this aroma?Is this smile?Is this buzz?Details are not nessesary to figure out, right?I LOVE enjoying...